Kenlink Comprehensive Institute

Kenlink Comprehensive Institute is Uganda’s leading hands-on training facility and offers a number of courses that match the needs of one’s career for the matching survival.

In this generation, every work we do is practical and needs one to have a practical skill in any field. For many school teaching theory in most of their courses, we have come to realize that some big number of learners do not benefit a lot from such kind of education.

Therefore, we have come up with our unique study and learning programs that will help the learners to have access to a number of practical courses that will include the follwoing.

  1. Tourism Operations, Hospitality and Institutional Catering.
  2. Tour Guiding and Driving
  3. Computer Skills
  4. Driving and mechanics
  5. Fashion and Design
  6. Hair Dressing and Salon Management
  7. Marketing Science and many other courses.

Our school is driven by a major three pillars that include the following.

  1. Skilling: We really ensure the learners get all that they need to survival, and this is why we offer practical trainings, because in all areas, they need to work practically therefore need practical training.
  2. Mentorship: Our students have full and unlimited access to our free advisory platform. Our mentors are always available and committed to help our students have confident and joining different sectors. We also help them to know and learn how to begin their own businesses.
  3. Connection: It is always a big and common question asked by everyone about what life it will be after studying and taking on a course. So at Kenlink Comprehensive Institute , we on top of teaching practical skills to our students, make sure we connect them. We link our students to many companies like Hotel and Lodges, Companies and many others regarding to their courses.