Practical Short Courses in Uganda

Practical Short Courses in Uganda offer an exciting learning experience and worth learning are the practical courses, because this is what everyone will need in all fields of work. At KCI Institute, we offer a number of short courses that include Tourism Operations and this will enable you to work in tour companies like Kenlink Tours and many others.

Other courses include Fashion and design, Hotel Management, Hair dressing and salon management, Driving and Mechanics and many other courses.


Certificate & Diploma in Tourism Operations

The Certificate  & Diploma in Travel & Tourism Operations program is tailored to impart students with fundamental knowledge and skills essential in the realm of travel and tourism. This program typically encompasses various subjects, including the fundamentals of the travel industry, customer service, understanding destinations, and the art of travel planning.

Certificate in Hair Dressing and Salon Management

Courses in Hair Dressing

Dressing and Salon Management

The Cosmetology and hair dressing Certificate program is crafted to equip students with fundamental expertise and skills essential in the beauty and cosmetic services domain. It encompasses a variety of subjects including hair care, skincare, makeup application, and nail care, offering comprehensive training in these areas.

Certificate in Computer Skills and Secretarial


Computer Skills and Secretarial

The Certificate in Computer Science program is structured to equip students with fundamental knowledge and skills in the realms of computer science and information technology. It encompasses a diverse array of subjects such as programming, computer systems, data structures, and algorithms, offering a comprehensive understanding of crucial concepts in the field.

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