Tourism Operating License in Uganda

Tourism Operating License – To obtain a tourism operating license in Uganda, you must meet certain requirements outlined by the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB). These requirements are designed to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, as well as to uphold the quality and integrity of tourism services offered in the country. Here are the key requirements:

Tourism Operating License – It’s very important to have a tourism operating license you need to register with Uganda Tourism board and you need to have the following requirements as listed.

To operate as a tour operator in Uganda, you must have the following documents:

  • Certificate of incorporation from the Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB).
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  • Annual Performance Report, detailing the number of tourists handled, their sources, places visited, and average duration of stay.


Your office must meet specific requirements:

  • Easily accessible location with a clear plot number and street name.
  • Clean and attractive office space, visibly tidy and uncongested.
  • Clearly visible signage or office label.
  • Full functioning Website (Get a website Here)
  • Basic ICT facilities, including internet access, office telephone, functional email address.
  • Availability of basic utilities such as water and electricity.


Your team must include:

  • Overall manager (MD, CEO, GM) with at least three years of active engagement in the tourism industry and strong communication skills.
  • Tour Manager with a minimum of A-Level education and additional certifications/training in Tourism.
  • Accountant with at least a Uganda Diploma in Business Studies.
  • Reservations Officer, secretary, or clerk with at least O-Level education and computer literacy.
  • At least one tour guide licensed by the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB).
  • At least one tour driver licensed by UTB.
  • Staff trained in health deliverance guidelines.


You should have:

  • Preferably at least two comprehensively insured tour vehicles registered in the company’s name or proof of contracting with a supplier that meets these requirements.


  • No history of bankruptcy, fraud, or similar breaches for the last three years.


Your advertising materials must include:

  • Costed itineraries describing packages, prices, and conditions.
  • Commitment to compensation if promised packages and conditions are not provided.
  • Clearly stated contact information, including the name, address, telephone, and email address of the tour operator.